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Giordano Gederlini real
Entre la vie et la mort
Feature film
  • Thriller
Leo Castenada is Spanish and lives in Brussels. He is a metro driver for line 6. One night, he sees a stranger at the edge of the platform. With eyes...
Laura Van Haecke real
Web series
  • Teenage
Nilou, Malick and Zahra keep their secrets to themselves. The one thing they trust blindly is their mobile phone. When it gets hacked, they do...
Feature film
  • Drama
After his father’s death, Nassim, a 13 year old Moroccan boy from Molenbeek, is looking for an identity. His mother Leila anxiously tries to keep him...
David PERRAULT real
Endless Night
  • Science-fiction
In a small unassuming suburb, 16-year-old Eva hangs out with a group of teenagers who like to shoot up Icélotropine. This medication, stolen from a...
Yuku et la Fleur d'Himalaya
Feature film
  • Teenage
  • Animated
Yuku’s grandmother is at the brink of life. Yuku goes looking for Himalayan peony to reassure herself that she truly is the worthy heiress of the...
Baraki on set
  • Comedy drama
The entire region knows the Berthet family. When people talk about them, they call them ‘gypsies’. Larissa Berthet houses her entire tribe in her...
Les Intranquilles
Feature film
  • Drama
Under embargo.
L'Employée du mois
Feature film
  • Comedy
At 45 Inès does her best to be a model employee in her position as a salesperson for a cleaning product company, never getting the recognition she...
grond_web ©VIER
  • Comedy drama
Any Muslim who decides to live in Belgium saddles their relatives with a delicate dilemma. Do we get buried here or in our country of origin? The...
Affiche Chancelvie
Feature film
  • Documentary
In this social documentary about children, we discover the world of Chancelvie, a pregnant 16-year-old street girl. Her daily life for the past eight...