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Brak Visuel web
Web series
  • Comedy drama
When she hurts her foot during a crazy night out, Bobbie, a bubbly 34-year-old, is forced to lead a quieter life. After much resistance, her loyal...
Boris Van der Avoort
Le Dormeur éveillé
Feature film
  • Documentary
B., a film-maker and insomniac, decides to rescue his hours of insomnia from the void by filming his quest for sleep. The insomniac asks questions...
Affiche Royals at War
Royals at War
Feature film
  • War
  • Documentary
  • Historical
This two-episode documentary looks at the strategies deployed by Europe's royal families during World War II when faced with the rise to power of...
Affiche carnet d'épices
Carnet d'Épices
Feature film
  • Thriller
It's a road movie that depicts the journey of two characters: Luca Trevisan, a renowned Italian chef, and Andreas Dürren-Fischer, a major restorer of...
Gregory Beghin
  • Comedy
Adapted from an original Norwegian series, Match tells the story of Rachel. There's nothing really wrong in her life, but nothing really good either...
Dominique Rocher
La Corde
  • Thriller
The scientific observatory in Helligskogen is lost in the middle of a dead zone in the Norwegian forest. The scientific community that works there is...
Affiche Cool Abdoul
Cool Abdoul
Feature film
  • Biopic
  • Drama
Cool Abdoul is a biopic that traces the chaotic journey of Ismail Abdoul, a talented boxer who will do anything to succeed. Having made headlines in...
Affiche Ritueel
Feature film
  • Crime
Kiki, a police diver who specialises in recovering dead bodies, discovers a severed hand in a Brussels canal. When Kiki learns that the place where...
Affiche Clara Sola
Clara Sola
Feature film
  • Drama
In an isolated village in Costa Rica, Clara, a 30-year-old woman, embarks on a journey to free herself from social and religious conventions and to...
Lucile Hadzihalilovic
Feature film
  • Thriller
Somewhere in Europe, in the early 1930s. Albert, a 50-year-old veteran of the Great War, is hired to look after 12-year-old Mia. Most of his work...