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Type of venue/site: Antique dealer, Shop, Family housing, Museum
Type of architecture: Art Deco
Ironwork, Entrance-Hall, Interior, Private
Type of venue/site: Club, Nightlife, Parking-lot, Performance hall, Festival hall, Studio / polyvalent area
Type of architecture: Contemporary architecture
Elevator, Canal, Corridors, Stairs, Exterior, Entrance-Hall, Interior, View, Private, Reception desk, Terrace, Toilets
Type of venue/site: Appartment, Housing
Type of architecture:
Middleclass, Stairs, Interior, Parisian, Private
Type of venue/site: House
Type of architecture: Art Nouveau
Balcony, Middleclass, Corridors, Stairs, Ironwork, Master house, Parisian, Private
photo lycée Emile Max
Type of venue/site: Educational institution / school
Type of architecture: Art Nouveau
Middleclass, Stairs, Exterior, Ironwork, Private
Type of venue/site: Cinema, Nightlife, Studio / polyvalent area
Type of architecture: Art Deco
Corridors, Interior, Private
Type of venue/site: Appartment
Type of architecture: Art Deco, Town house
Modern, Private
Type of venue/site: Commercial gallery
Type of architecture: Modernism
Stairs, Interior, Private, Public
Type of venue/site: Hospital / clinic, Nursing home
Type of architecture: Neoclassicism
Ancient, Corridors, Exterior, Entrance-Hall, Garden, Carriage entrance, Private
Type of venue/site: Appartment, Office, Hotel, Housing, Sculpture
Type of architecture: Ecclectism, Neo-baroque, Neorenaissance, Neoclassicism
Middleclass, Chimney, Corridors, Ironwork, Entrance-Hall, Interior, Master house, Parisian, Private, Reception desk