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Friday, 2 September 2022
flamand rose dans une piscine

Locarno, Angoulême, Köln, Venice... did you get our postcards?

Back to work, already, or was there even a summer break? Here is a quick look back at some of the events over the last few weeks that you might have missed. Our teams and talents in Brussels have indeed been busy:


Locarno, talents at work

During the  Locarno Film Festival, a special event part of the  Cineuro project gave 10 producers - among which 2 from Brussels - the chance to take part to the Film Market and present their work in progress. The cluster hosted by joined the journey of two Brussels-based companies : Wajnrbosse Production & Les Films de la Récré, presenting their work : Carlota, impératrice du Néant & Aride to a large panel of industry key players. 

Three films in Angoulême

The festival du film francophone d'Angoulême took place from 23 to 28 August. Three films supported by made it thought the official selection: 

  • DALVA d'Emmanuelle Nicot (produit par Hélicotronc et Tripode Productions) 
  • HABIB de Benoît Mariage (produit par Daylight Films)
  • LE BLEU DU CAFTAN de Maryam Touzani (produit. par Velvet Films, Les Films du Nouveau Monde, Ali n'Production 

Köln, the EU video games celebration 

Every year, the biggest cultural Industry in the world gets its European celebration in Köln. The 2022 édition of the GAMESCOM  (Auguste 23-27) was an occasion that a crowded delegation from Brussels did not miss. A great number of companies, investors and politics went to Köln, shining the light to the Brussels-based talents and initiatives, supported by the cluster, in charge of the regional development of the industry.   

Have a look back at the event (instagram story).

What about Venice

The Mostra de Venise is without doubt one of the major and more prestigious Industry event, with its international competition as well as professional gatherings such as the Venice Production Bridge, and a strong focus on immersive work and XR. The film REINES (supported by will close the festival. The film of Yasmine Benkiran is produced by Need Productions with Montfleuri Productions, Petit Film, Key Film and Deuxième ligne. The cluster is also supporting companies (production, post-production, XR specialists etc.) at the Festival in their networking initiatives.  


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