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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Registration is now open for the new Media Economics Programme

The programme launches in September 2018. Secure your place and register today for the full Postgraduate or specific Training courses in Media Economics!

The Media Economics Programme is a new programme at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and is organized by SMIT. The programme combines facts and figures of state of the art scientific research with interesting and sometimes conflicting insights from industry experts.

New media technologies, new context

The media industry is highly influenced by new technologies facing new opportunities but also challenges. In this context, the Media Economics Programme aims to equip media professionals and postgraduate students with the tools to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of the digitalization in the various sectors of the media industry in Europe (and beyond).

Design your personalized Media Economics Programme and network in the heart of Europe

Participants can either subscribe to the Postgraduate programme or choose specific Training programme courses of the programme based on their needs. The Media Economics Programme brings together a large number of media professionals from different media sectors, acknowledged academic experts from the field of media economics, and an international team of lecturers and professionals (Belgium, Austria, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK, USA, etc.).


• Accreditation and certification

• Dynamic teaching methods

• Flexible time management for full-time professionals

• An international environment in the heart of Europe

• Courses tailored to your needs

• Development of soft and hard skills for the media industry


• Foundations and transformations of media economics

• Media economics and policy in a digital age

• Intellectual property rights and remuneration for right holders

• Technology, innovation and data

• Audio-visual production

• Commercial communication and advertising in a digital age

• Economics of journalism

• Mergers and acquisitions


Do you have questions or remarks? Please contact us via email at

You can find all information and you can register via the following links:

• The VUB website for the Postgraduate Programme

• The SMIT website for the Training Programme Courses

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