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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

We're paying tribute to the admirably eco-responsible film shoot of Cleo that wrapped up a couple of weeks ago. With the support of both (fund and film commission) and the Flemish Audiovisual Fund, this genuine "Brussels" project combines artistic commitment with respect for the environment. The two organisations are making a concerted effort to support this wonderful project on the ground.

A few examples of good practice with the filming: strategically selected sets to keep travel to a minimum, promotion of soft mobility (bicycle, car-sharing, public transport), rationalised accommodation for the crew and, of course, very close attention to sustainable food. While catering makes up around 8% of the carbon emissions of a typical shoot, it also has a wider impact, from its production (water, pesticides, additives) to its packaging. The choice of healthier, local food therefore seemed logical to the Cleo crew, which is made up of around thirty people. Enough to make a difference...

Aside from the drinks and snacks on the control room table, the crew was also able to indulge during the evening meals. The production team in fact found a caterer that combined both quality and originality (Milan La Roche). This catering company, run by just two people, offered ample meals during filming based on organic, seasonal, short-chain and frequently vegetarian products. On the menu the day we visited: butternut squash soup, grilled fish, roasted parsnips and caramelised Jerusalem artichokes… And the cherry on top: the temporary canteen hosting the crew at Schaerbeek was heated by a wood stove. One gesture we were delighted with was how the crew made good use of the reusable water bottles offered by

Once again, bravo to the team for its "eco" efforts.

A first feature film by screen-writer and director Eva Cools, the film follows the touching heroine Cleo on a journey that proves intense, intimate and poetic, through a decidedly multicultural Brussels-Capital Region.

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