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Futuranima LIVE - Meetings, Q&A's and round tables on Zoom

Every year, the Anima festival offers a fine showcase for one of the flagships of Belgian know-how, animation. In 2021, we are celebrating its 40th edition, which is a bit special. Futuranima, the professional section of the event, maintains its willingness to promote exchange approaches, particularly around current themes, new initiatives, the work of studios and filmmakers, and all this through presentations, question and answer sessions, master classes and round tables. All this, virtually of course. 

For the full programme of the festival, please visit the Anima website.


Monday 15 February 2021: Industry day

On the agenda :


10:00 - Inside The Studios - Live onZoom

Take a look behind the scenes at Beast Animation, Dreamwall, Enclume and Lunanime!
Four renowned, inspiring studios reveal their organisation as well as their recent projects. What are their secrets? What is their mission as a studio? What skills are they looking for? Ask your questions during their presentations!

Moderator: Stéphanie Coerten

In collaboration with Amplo, Mediarte and

In English


19:00 - Brotaru - Live on Zoom

Brotaru is a monthly meeting of video game developers. The inclusive and open format allows the attending creatives (professional, student or anyone interested in developing entertaining videos) to freely present their latest work and receive feedback and advice.
Guillaume Bouckaert

In collaboration with Brotaru and

In English, French and Dutch

Tuesday 16 February 2021 : Student day

On the agenda :


17:00 - Distribution and Digitalisation - Live onZoom

What is the impact of platforms? How are creatives adapting their content and distribution strategy to this new situation? What do distributors expect and how are they working? Based on a few case studies, this panel will examine the different distribution methods for animation.
Valentin Grégoire (Squarefish)
Maxime Lacroix (Sooner)
Adeline Margueron / Gauthier Jacquinet (Le Parc Distribution)
Jonas Boets (VRT NU)

Marine Haverland (

In collaboration with Amplo, Mediarte and

In English

Thursday 18 February 2021: Multimedia day

On the agenda :


10:00 - Unreal Engine : Video Games and Films - Live on Zoom

In this round table, speakers working in audiovisual studios explore the possible links between animation and video games by using video game engines to create animated films. After looking into Unity, Futuranima is exploring Unreal Engine this year.

In collaboration with Brotaru, and Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds.
In English.


14:00 - Webcréation #10 : Finance & develop a hybrid projet - Live on Zoom

The 10th Webcreation meeting is inviting three artists to discuss the different stages of a hybrid writing project to reinvent the forms and uses of books. What happens before, during and after? What sort of support can you get? What helps you and what sets you back?

Aurore Boraczek (
A representative of l'ABDIL (Auteur.trice.s de la Bande dessinée et de l'Illustration réuni.e.s.) (TBA)
A project leader (TBA)

Anne-Lise Remacle

In collaboration with PILEn

In French

Friday 19 February 2021

On the agenda :


14:00 - Inside The Studios : Belgian VFX - Live on Zoom

Check out these four big FX studios: The Fridge, Benuts, TITLES and Umedia.
What motivates them as an FX studio, what are their upcoming projects and what sort of job profiles do they look out for? On this occassion the new Belgian FX association will introduce itself to you. Get inspired, and chat with them during this online session!

Aurore Boraczek ( & Louis Van de Leest (Mediarte)

In collaboration with Amplo, Mediarte and

In English

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