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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Since 1 July 2020, has been part of the CinEuro Grande Région programme.

CinEuro is a new, cross-border cooperation initiative in Europe, which, for the first time, brings together several organisations that support the film and audiovisual industry in the Grand Est region (France), Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland.

With this partnership, the Brussels Capital Region aims to showcase its synergies and collaborations with the two other large European cities in the programme, Strasbourg and Luxembourg.

The CinEuro Grande Région programme will also strengthen ties between two major Belgian cities, as a series of actions will be jointly led by Eupen (east Belgium) and the Brussels Capital Region.

the circumstances, a series of working meetings have already been held, which discussed the project’s main focus areas, such as the cross-border filming workshop, potential connections and coordination between support funds, the distribution and circulation of cross-border works, eco-friendly filming, and new formats.

What is CinEuro?

Implemented via two INTERREG VA projects running in the Grande Région and the Upper Rhine from 2020-2022, CinEuro aims to facilitate the growth of a strategic and competitive film space at the heart of Europe.

CinEuro partners work regularly on developing cooperation and coordination between their respective missions in five key areas: film funding, the cross-border promotion of productions, hosting locations and promoting resources, ‘green shooting’, and new formats and content.

The project will also create a large number of actions and events for film and audiovisual professionals in line with these themes.

Thanks to these measures, CinEuro aims to encourage co-production between the partnering regions and countries, promote the resources, talents and skills available in this unique cross-border space, expand the reach of SMEs from these areas into international markets, and help companies find out more about cross-border collaboration opportunities.

In the context of the health crisis, which has greatly impacted the film and audiovisual industry across Europe, CinEuro also represents an opportunity to lead a concerted effort between partner countries to overcome this crisis. Once again, CinEuro has a shared desire to develop concrete solutions and new perspectives in light of this unprecedented challenge.

CinEuro receives support from the INTERREG VA Grande Région and INTERREG Rhin Supérieur programmes through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

To stay informed about upcoming news and events, visit the website and Facebook page. (FR and DE)

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